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IBM is commonly referred as International Business Machines Corporation. IBM is involved in construction and marketing of computer hardware, middle ware, and software. It delivers hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

  • Cloud Computing : IBM is delivering the cloud and mobile platform for the global enterprise. Cognitive Computing : Cognitive computing encompasses self-learning structures that use thought process of humans.
  • Commerce : IBM commerce helps you to quickly boost the brand experience according to your business requirements. Its tools are used for faster and easier site management, eventually, aids in boosting the revenue
  • Data And Analytics : IBM Analytics stimulate your cognitive business by providing the entire portfolio of big data analytics solutions.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) : IBM Watson IoT Platform is entirely managed, cloud-hosted service that provides capabilities including connectivity, control device registration, rapid visualization, and storage of IoT data.
  • IT Infrastructure : IBM provides a full range of services to aid design, develop, integrate, optimize, validate, and deploy wide-ranging solutions that maintain your IT infrastructure.
  • Mobile : IBM Mobile enterprise solutions shape and environment to build apps designed precisely for mobile users. 
  • Security : IBM Security solutions help detect, address, and prevent security breaches through integrated hardware and software solutions.

General Technologies - Has been working with IBM for over 25+ years


General technologies has been working with IBM for over 25+ years and specializes all the solutions provided by IBM.